Interspecies Imaginings/Intimacies/Intra-actions is an installation involving a population of creatures built from interspecies collaboration and intra-action. 

Western science Neo-Darwinism, built from collaboration between species, in relation with each other.


The theory/evolution scienses of the cthuloscene have displaced the individualist organisims of the heat engines and of the systems of production and reproduction.

From early 18th to the middle of the 20th century was system that had executive funcitons,systems of labour reproduction and production that have motors and that you could measure with calimimeters that is run by heat that in order for, that fundamentally the organism is that kind of technological object, the cyborg argument was that the mid 20th century organisms were that plus information sciences. I suggest that bath.....sciences can't be done with these .... notions anymore.... the organism is a bit like Neuton pshyics to Einstens, its the wrong idea of the way entites the earth is shaped, they make each other.the cohabiting each other in order to be at all. the human gut can't form properly with gut bacerial infections, cohabiting each other in order to be at all, you know the secretions gut bacteria are critial in the formation of the young brain. You know that many critters in the world cannot make their own structures unless they make use of associated organisms. in one language organisms are contstantly outsourcing to oneanother their critical functions that are critial to their existancing at all. That in a deep and radical way one's don't, units and relations and no longer the way that one does the world, including scientifically. That the relationsionality takes the shape in the biological world of holobiomes, that does not mean holoist, it means holding together well enough to get through the day, the minute, the nanosecond, the age, depends on the timescale you happen to be interested in, holding together well enough, to get through that time scale in various soughts of connections and disconnections, compositoins and decompositions and inclusions and exclusions with other players in the field, a holobiome, or if one wishes to be greekish about it a holo-ent