David Bohm describes the word "dialogue" as being derived from the Greek dialogos. The two roots, "dia" which means "through", "during" or "across" and “logos” which means the "word" or more specifically “the meaning of the word”. Dialogue therefore infers that between us flows a "stream of meaning" and it is in the spaces between us that our meaning emerges.

In 2015, Lyon completed Living Home, a photographic project documenting the residents of the small agricultural community of Tallangatta Valley, Australia, her childhood home. A Continued Conversation is a site-specific installation and performance that builds upon this earlier work by inviting participation from the Tallangatta Valley community.

The one hundred and sixty-one residents who participated in Living Home were invited to visit A Continued Conversation, installed at the Murray Art Museum Albury and remove an envelope with their name on it. Each envelope held the photographs of another individual or family living in Tallangatta Valley. Through a letter enclosed in each envelope, the individuals and families were encouraged to contact each other, and meet in their respective homes to exchange the photographs. Through these exchanges, Lyon offers a space for sharing and dialogue. As the envelopes disappeared we were called to reflect on the pressures; social and economic, that are changing the face of rural communities in Australia.