Interspecies Intimacies is a collaboration with the human and the non-human, the living and the dead.

This installation shares moments in the life-long work of self-described “recluse” and amateur botanist Phillip John Branwhite.

The images interlaced with the orchid specimens are photographs of three-dimensional ceramic figures—made by Lyon—translated from the two-dimensional sectional botanical illustrations created by Branwhite. Lyon’s counterarchive—made by the hand—lives as a way to think across time, a simultaneous past, present and speculative future. These creatures model the holobiont—a body built from the assemblages of species working together to form the ecological unit—the orchid, the wasp, the mychorrizal fungi and now the human.

These two archives placed with and against each other look to complicate and challenge the colonial archive with mimetic and haptic forms of knowledge production.