The Unknown and the Unnamed is a seventy-minute hybrid performance drawing from a range of forms including the educational lecture, the artist talk, family slideshow evenings, the memoir and the scientific research paper.

My research with and around a local Australian native orchid archive—created by self-described recluse and amateur botanist Phillip Branwhite—investigates the natureculture narratives of orchids and their ecological, scientific and political entanglements.

Weaving vernacular and scientific knowledge through voice, images, video and sound The Unknown and the Unnamed speaks to the interconnectedness of experience, the way human and non-human bodies make and unmake each other and the hidden memories of place.

Performers: Mary Jane Ward, Molly Rideout, Amery Kessler, Bryan Ortiz, Tui Lyon, Lucas Dabel, Jameel Paulin, Corey Girard and Calista Lyon

Projected image credits: Tobias Hayashi, Peter Branwhite, Phillip Branwhite and Glenn Lyon