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The Space Between Us, 2017
HD Video, 8:26 minute loop

The Space Between Us is a site-specific performance that focused on the small agricultural community of Tallangatta Valley, located in North East Victoria, Australia, Lyon’s childhood home.

Calista invited the entire community of Tallangatta Valley (fewer than two hundred residents), by mail, to participate in a performance that took place on The Lookout Hill of her family’s beef property.

Rural communities often have few services or infrastructure focused on building a social fabric. The Space Between Us was birthed out of a need Calista saw in this community. Many youth are leaving rural communities to access education and employment in larger centres, including herself, leaving a stark divide in demographics. The Space Between Us offered people the opportunity to make something in common, aiming to create something together, a different way of listening, moving, speaking and thinking that is both collaborative and inclusive that aimed to engage questions about the future of rural communities while building a stronger social fabric.